2012 Best Recipes

We did a lot of cooking in twenty-twelve. I know this because every year I compile the “Timsie Tagman Recipe Collection” for Tim as a Christmas present.


Essentially, the collection is just a three-ring-binder full of recipes that we’ve made over the course of the year. Modeled after my Dad’s menu system growing up, we theoretically will eventually have so many recipes we wont ever need to make anything new. I doubt we’ll ever use it that way, but it is definitely fun to reflect back.

In 2012 there are definitely been a few favorites. Recipes that we have made repeatedly (sometimes more than once in a week). There have also been quite a few that were awesome, but that we have yet to make again. My favorites list this year will be broken down according to those two categories: Instant Favorites (meaning we made it again right away) and Wonderful One Hit Wonders (meaning we haven’t made it again yet, but we certainly will!) (Note: I’m going to link to each recipe through its title so just click there if you’d like to see where I got it OR make it yourself).

2012 Instant Favorites:

Pasta w/ Pea Pesto

IMG_1468I’ve written about this one before, but I think it bears repeating. This recipe is tremendous. It’s easy, inexpensive, full of vegetables, freezable, versatile, impressive and delicious. I’ve made it for work, for guests, for gifts, and I’m sure I will only find more uses as time goes on. This is probably the only recipe this year that I pretty much have memorized. I highly recommend it.


Chicken Avocado BLT Salad



Clearly the picture above is not actually of the salad, it’s of my favorite girl making the salad this summer in Ann Arbor. I made this salad twice during my week in Ann Arbor this July; once with my Dad and once with my Phoebe. It’s a relatively easy recipe, with uncomplicated ingredients. Do not be fooled, however, the dressing is delightful and totally elevates all of the ingredients. This recipe is so good it was added to my Dads recipe collection. Yeah. Enough said.


Caramelized Mushroom and Shallot Bruschetta

This is a labor intensive recipe. Because the shallots and mushrooms are sauteed with different ingredients and the bruschetta needs to be broiled you end up using a lot of cookware. The results are worth it. So so worth it. I am a lover of all things mushroom. I’m also going through a love affair with goat cheese (one of the only varieties of cheese I can eat as I cannot tolerate lactose). This dish has both of those things AND it’s finger food. What more could you want? I recommend it on a Friday night with a board game and a glass of wine…


Pasta Fagioli Soup

I’ll be honest, we haven’t made this twice…YET. Right before I started this post we went to the grocery store and bought ingredients to make it again, so I’m counting that has having made it twice. My favorite thing about this soup is that it freezes like a dream. I recently discovered that you can freeze leftovers in individual portion sized containers and bring them to work for lunch. Yes, everyone else in the world already knew this, but for me it is revolutionary. Gone is the morning sleepy-struggle to figure out what assortment of carbs/snacks I can combine to create my “lunch” for the day. I credit this soup for showing me the light.


Wonderful One Hit Wonders

Garlic Bread


You know those frozen baguettes of garlic bread that they sell at most grocery stores? They’re like a million calories, but it’s worth every one? Yeah. I love those. I have loved them since I was a kid. I would eat just that for dinner and be totally satisfied. This recipe may be better than that bread. Seriously. I’m sure it’s just as nutrient-less and may have even more calories, but the flavor. OH THE FLAVOR. It’s good stuff. We may end up having some next week…


Coffee Bacon Sandwiches

It is hard for me to tell you in words how good the bacon is in these sandwiches tastes. It’s regular bacon, marinaded for a couple hours in molasses and ground coffee. It is overwhelmingly good. I’ve never been much of a sandwich eater. It has something to do with there being no way to pick at a sandwich (I eat like a squirrel, it bothers some people, to those it bothers, I apologize, I’m just programmed that way). This sandwich though, shines new light on the potential of sandwiches for me. Honestly, I can’t even really remember what else goes in this sandwich. Probably goat cheese? What I’m saying is bacon is the star.


French Onion Soup (slow cooker style)


We’ve made french onion soup before on the stove and it was good, very tasty in fact. Making french onion soup in the slow cooker, however, is really the way to go. You just put those onions in there and let the cooker do the work. Always preferable to standing over the stove for hours. In generally I just love french onion soup. Tim claims he’d never had it before we made it. I probably believe him and am so glad I could bring it into his life. The best part are the cheese toasts on top. Totally worth the little stomach ache that cheese is bound to give me.


Chocolate Coffee Marshmallow Krispies

These little guys are a problem. A serious problem. Anything that is made in a 9×13 and can therefore just sit on the kitchen counter with a knife in it ready to be “evened out” over and over and over again is going to be trouble. These bars are really just sophisticated rice kripsie treats. Adult krispie treats, with coffee and everything! I think I made these for work…but is possible that I “made them for work” and ate all of them at home. I just confirmed with Tim and apparently I made these while he was in California…which means I actually ate the whole pan by myself. That makes me feel terrible and also makes me want to whip up another batch! There were definitely the best dessert recipe of 2012. Give them a try, but only if you have somewhere to bring them, you do not want these in your house.


So that’s it! The greatest hits of 2012. If you follow the links you’ll notice that most of my recipes are from Shutterbean. She certainly knows how to write recipes that are exactly to my taste. If you haven’t checked out her blog you should give it look. She also has the CUTEST 4 year old son who is featured frequently on her blog.


One thought on “2012 Best Recipes

  1. maybe?mama says:

    Two items from your menu are on ours this week: pasta with pea pesto and the bruschetta (the latter actually for the innkeepers’ potluck). Thanks for the suggestions. I can’t wait to taste them both.

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