Glancing Back/Looking Forward: Week 9

It has been a beautiful weekend. This morning on the way to the grocery store the air had the distinct smell of spring. Still chilly, with a hint of mud and decomposing plant matter. The birds were singing like crazy. Spring makes me so happy (see Thursday’s post for details).


– I’ve become completely addicted to the TV show Scandal. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve started dreaming about being part of the show. Last night I had what felt like a night-long dream about being a super spy, also the beginning of some sort of crazy apocalypse in which entire buildings were crumbling and then disappearing (that part probably says something about my psyche). For those unfamiliar the show is about a “fixer” in Washington DC and her team of former criminals/general misfits. When you first start watching it you will think to yourself “this is a little goofy”.  But you’ll keep watching because you want to know what happens and by episode 14 you’ll be staying up ’til 1 in the morning watching and then spend the whole night dreaming about it…

– I’m really making an effort to cook for myself while Tim’s away. Last summer, I think I cooked one meal. This time around, however, I am familiar with the world of freezing leftovers. Part of what’s frustrating about cooking for 1 is figuring out what to do with all the excess food. I like leftovers, I do, but I’m not going to eat the same pasta dish for lunch and dinner for 3 days. I could say I’m going to, but I’d end up eating cereal for dinner and throwing the leftovers away. It is definitely a good thing that I’ve figured out how to freeze individual portions of leftovers. With that said, I made an awesome recipe this week, Thai Chicken Quinoa. So. Good. Quinoa is a new thing in my life (I think it might be a new thing in everyone’s life. As far as I can tell quinoa wasn’t discovered until 2008).  I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite food, but it adds a little variety to my couscous and pasta-centric diet. Also, this recipe freezes well. Bonus.

– I spent most of the afternoon yesterday shopping with a friend. There are quite a few cute little boutiques and consignments shops on the bus route that I take everyday that I have been meaning to visit for the last year and a half. Yesterday I finally went. Most of them were lovely and affordable (one was all designer stuff, we went in looked around for 1 minute, felt seriously out of place, and hightailed it out of there). One in particular was just filled to the brim with awesome trinkets. I am such a sucker for trinkets. I only let myself buy one thing. Probably the best purchase I’ve made in years.

IMG_1929Do I need to explain how wonderful this print is? I hope not.



– It’s sort of a rough time at work right now. Not for me specifically, for everyone. There is more work then there are people/hours in the day, which has lead to an office full of underpaid, overworked, burnt out employees. So, I’m going to be working from home for much of today. It’s not my favorite thing, but I have a plethora of deadlines at the end of next week and there isn’t really another time to get the work done. It does mean that I wont have to use PTO for my day off next week, which actually seems like a pretty fair trade. I’m sure I’ll find something to use that PTO day for this summer.



– I’m headed back to California on Friday. It simultaneously feels like I was just there (because I was) and like I haven’t seen Tim in a million years. This trip I think we are going to try and have more fun and stress less about the logistics of our move. The reality is that we have no idea when we’re going to move (before August 14th since that’s when our lease in Philly ends), what our work situation/income will be, where we’ll be able to afford living, how we’ll make the move work. It’s hard not to focus on those things (especially if you’re a planner like me), but in the end it accomplishes nothing. When we know more details we can start to figure out the logistics. I’ve been trying to figure out what fun things we can do this weekend that we haven’t done yet. Right now it’s looking like a brewery tour of some variety (maybe of multiple breweries, there are 100+ in the Bay Area), and maybe a day trip up to wine country. An accidentally alcohol themed weekend, I guess. Also, probably the beach. I really never thought of myself as a beach person, but that Pacific Ocean is just my favorite thing.


Have a wonderful week.




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