Birthday Week: Part 1

Birthday Week was a big to-do this year so I’m splitting it up into a couple separate posts. This first post is going to cover the pre-Ann Arbor portion of Birthday Week. The following two posts will focus on Ann Arbor (wonderful, comfortable Ann Arbor).


Sunday (4/28)

On Sunday I put together a little birthday get together at our apartment. The couple that we always hang out with came over and we played the King of Tokyo expansion pack and ate Pasta with Pea Pesto (my favorite!). I also made myself a crazy cake. It was a compilation of a few different recipes. The final product was tremendous (though a little bit sloppier than I would have liked).

The cake was milk chocolate. The recipe was written for cupcakes, but I assumed that it would easily translate into two 8-inch rounds. Sadly my assumption was faulty. The little chunks of milk chocolate that I mixed into the batter stuck tightly to my cake pans. Leaving me with this situation when I tried to turn the cake onto a cooling rack.


The central portion of both rounds was mostly intact so I decided to build the cake anyway. I made speculoos buttercream frosting (cookie butter frosting for those familiar with the Trader Joe’s brand) and used it to adhere the pieces of the cake into a shape that resembled a standard layer cake. For topping (and to cover up some of the frosting lumps) I crushed some chocolate covered pretzels and stuck them all over the cake. For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the final product (out of character for me). It was totally decadent. I brought the remains into the office for our monthly potluck. It was a hit (though the bar for desserts at work is set pretty low, people will eat pretty much anything you put in the kitchen).

Monday through Wednesday of Birthday Week were very standard weekdays. I don’t feel like I’m allowed to make Birthday Week a holiday in the office, so I saved up all my birthday celebrating for Thursday.


Thursday (5/2)

My actual birthday started with a collection of Facebook hellos (some from friends I have not heard from in years) and one very special email from Miss Hannah. Thank you Hannah for the throwback birthday photos. I loved them. I think they made me cry on the bus. At work I was greeted by an adorable card from my coworkers.

IMG_2133Pictures of my cats are the way to my heart.

For lunch my favorite coworker/friend took me out to lunch at a fancy business person restaurant in Center City. It was the two of us surrounded by business men having working/drinking lunches. I definitely took more than my allotted half hour lunch break, but I feel like I’ve worked through enough lunches to make up for it.

When I got home from work Timmy had prepared a cake for me. It’s a tradition. Three years running now. It’s probably my favorite birthday tradition. His cakes more special than other desserts. They’re just for me from him. It’s a lovely thing. This year the cake was red velvet with seven minute frosting.



IMG_2136Beautiful, right? (minus all the junk on our counter….). The frosting tasted like marshmallows. I’ve never heard of seven minute frosting, but when we brought the leftovers to my parents house my mom said she had it on her birthday cake every year growing up. We spent the rest of the night prepping to leave for Ann Arbor the next morning.


Overall it was a birthday full of love. It was overwhelming at times. I’ve been feeling very emotional lately and my birthday was no different. All happy emotions.


Thank you for all your love. You can’t know how much it means to me.




One thought on “Birthday Week: Part 1

  1. maybe?mama says:

    What a beautiful cake the red velvet was before I saw it! But it was always delicious. I’m afraid it’s long gone.

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